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Decor Shopping in Poole

After our adventure to Christchurch, we decided to keep local and walk about Poole, our adopted city for the trip.  By this point, my friend Erin was with us, and really she’s one of the best shopping buddies around, so what better time to find the downtown shops?

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And of all the shops we went into, this place was the one we spent the most time in.  They had a bit of basically everything.  A sort of better-quality Five Below, but not geared to just tweens with expendable income.

This guy was just inside the door and I was in love.

home decor shopping in England @

He was about 8 inches tall, but even given his smaller stature, I was afraid a ceramic animal wouldn’t make it back to the States in once piece in my carry-on suitcase (I don’t do checked bags.  Nope.)  So I took him back to play with his friends.

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And then I found these ridiculous pillows!  I mean they’re both awesome and crazy!

home decor shopping in England @

The colors!  The pictures!  And I couldn’t get over the plush phone booths.  They must know they get a few tourists.  The union Jack pillow could be used in a more neutral room, but the wild colors of the dog pillows just beg for a big black or white couch.

This guy was my favorite.  I love how he still has a little union jack on his helmet!

home decor shopping in England @

Not all of their items were zany like the pillows.  Poole is also a coastal town, so they had plenty of coastal decor too.  Like these adorable plush anchor ornaments!

home decor shopping in England @ home decor shopping in England @

HOW FREAKING CUTE ARE THESE?!?!  They even had matching little life-preserver plush ornaments too!

home decor shopping in England @

I don’t know how I did it, but I managed to avoid spending a single Pound on them though.  We already have a stash of goodies for our Christmas Tree this year so I didn’t want to mix things up.

home decor shopping in England @

OH and just to add to my door collection on this trip, here’s a pretty blue one from the Baptist church in downtown Poole.

So do you ever find yourself decor shopping even when you’re on vacation?  Ever bring home any treasures you decorate with?

~ Beth

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  1. Yes! We brought home a Christmas tree decoration (among other things) from our vacation last year–it was an old fashioned Newfoundland anchor (called a killick), but it was tiny so I didn’t feel very guilty about it 🙂

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