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Springing for Stripes!

So you may remember for winter I warmed a few of our pillows up by wrapping them in a sweater.

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As cozy and comfy as they may be…. sweaters make me think of the cold.  And I’m done with the cold.  Dee Oh En Eee DONE I tell ya.

So when I came across these two remnants of fabric in the as-is section on our recent ikea trip, I couldn’t help but walk out of there with a little spring in my step.

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And yes, if you squint you can see the price tag.  $1.10 for each piece.  Niiiiiiiiice!

So at 11:30pm I decided to strip the sweaters from our pillows and add some color to our couch.

stripe pillow @ stripe pillow @ stripe pillow @

That’s right, like a sewing cowgirl, I folded and stitched with reckless abandon.  Needles?  I don’t need no stinkin’ needles!  A quick seam on each end and folded around to be sure it would fit, then zip along the sides and flip to the right side.  BAAM envelope style pillow cover in 5 minutes.

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The colors are a nice fun change from the softer look of the sweaters.  And the faded look of the stripes blends well with the chevron pillows that match our living-room back-tab drapes.

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Then there was this little beauty.  Grossgrain black ribbon greek key goddess that I found in a clearance pile at Home Depot for $5.  For 5 bucks, I didn’t have to sew the ribbons on the darn thing.  Awesome.

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Thrown into the mix, I think it adds a bit more of a modern look.  Not totally sold on it yet though.  Will likely replace it with another stripe pillow instead.  Though I might get fancy and try to make a pillow case like this one I found on Pinterest.

The rest of the apartment has been left simple with a few little touches to sprinkle springtime about.

So there’s our simple Springtime updates.
No, that’s not a laundry basket in the corner. Nope. I don’t know what your talking about. But for the record, it was fresh from the dryer.

So do you go all out for Spring, or do you let it come in like a lamb?

~ Beth

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