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Springing for Stripes!

So you may remember for winter I warmed a few of our pillows up by wrapping them in a sweater. As cozy and comfy as they may be.... sweaters make me think of the cold.  And I'm done with the cold.  Dee Oh En Eee DONE I tell ya. So when I came across these… Continue reading Springing for Stripes!

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Our Pillows Got Cold, So I Made Them Sweaters

Yup, I've jumped on yet another DIY bandwagon - the COVER EVERYTHING IN SWEATERS! wagon.  Only, I'm drawing the line.  Soft fuzzy cozy sweater pillows?  Sure!  ....but why does my flower vase need to be cozy?  It doesn't. But I found this super comfy sweater for under $4 at Goodwill and thought it would be… Continue reading Our Pillows Got Cold, So I Made Them Sweaters