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Enveloping the Couch in Color

We’re back this Friday to show off the simple envelop pillow covers I made to add an extra touch to the living room and brighten up our big, squishy, oh-so-comfy charcoal couch.  (and matching arm chair and ottoman, scored for $200 on craigslist!)

chevron envelope pillow @

I used this easy tutorial from Six Sisters’ Stuff.  They’re pretty exact, though I’ll admit I basically just folded selvage edge to selvage, cut the fabric wide enough for the height of the pillow, made big chunky seems for the opening edges and then seemed the top and bottom together.

chevron envelope pillow @

You can catch a glimpse of the passport shadowbox artwork on the end of the bottom picture ledge above.  We’ll be sharing more about the photo ledges and what they contain next week.

chevron envelope pillow @

Just a punch of color to dress things up from their otherwise charcoal shades of gray.

~ Beth

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