Beth and Bill's Casual milk glass wedding flowers
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Beth & Bill’s DIY Wedding

In our OBX Wedding Planning recap we noted we chose The Inn on Pamlico Sound for our wedding reception venue.  We chose The Inn because we wanted a beach wedding that still had traditional reception elements.  We especially wanted a true first dance and a seated dinner.  The Inn boasts a large covered pavilion, perfect for a dance floor.  As for… Continue reading Beth & Bill’s DIY Wedding

craigslist shopping for a dresser and restoring it at
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Dressers, the Anti-Nomadic Furniture

So, moving.  Long distances.  The biggest decision you have to make - do I bring it all?  With every move you'd be wise to downsize somewhat, but what about the big stuff?  Like furniture?  My goal when moving from DC to Pittsburgh was to do it all in the back of my compact SUV and… Continue reading Dressers, the Anti-Nomadic Furniture

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Chevron Addicts Anonymous

While working on a few things around here, it's come to my attention that I may have a problem.  Mainly with chevron.  Specifically, teal and white chevron.  Let's take a look: Way back at the start of all this, I made a Z Gallerie inspired frame that was, you guessed it, teal and white chevron.… Continue reading Chevron Addicts Anonymous