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Babyshower in a Box

If you've followed along to my recent adventures to London and Paris, you may remember how the primary purpose of the visit was to see my friend Brynn & her husband as they are expecting their first baby in July.  Of course, throwing a baby-shower from a continent away is a bit tricky, so my… Continue reading Babyshower in a Box

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So This One Time I Flew Across the Ocean…

...and MAN were my arms tired!  *badumcheech* So I've managed to make it back after a wonderful 10 days in southern England, London and Paris.  And what an amazing trip it was!  I went with my childhood best friend, Molly, stayed with our best friend Brynn and her husband Gary, before meeting up with my… Continue reading So This One Time I Flew Across the Ocean…

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It’s Raining! ~ Or A Baby Shower

It was a very busy weekend (hence delaying this post until Tuesday) with friends and family as we showered my Sister for her second baby girl due in May. My family is in the Philadelphia area, while I sometimes live in DC or Pittsburgh.  This made for a challenging planning process.  Officially, my Niece Leigh-anne… Continue reading It’s Raining! ~ Or A Baby Shower