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Gasthaus Geraniums

Bill & I are nearing our 1st Anniversary as Mr & Mrs and that means we’re SO CLOSE to our European honeymoon (Anniversary-moon?) Adventure!  While we wanted to travel to Europe sooner, a destination wedding already required time off, so we opted to put the trip off until our Anniversary so we could take the… Continue reading Gasthaus Geraniums

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DIY Travel Jewelry Box from an Old iPod Packaging

If you’ve ever purchased an apple device of any kind at the Apple store, you’re likely familiar with the joy of ‘unboxing’ — the simple act of getting to open your brand new device.  Apple takes care not only to design beautiful products, but even puts detail into their packaging too, making that first time… Continue reading DIY Travel Jewelry Box from an Old iPod Packaging

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Hey girl. June 2013 in Review

Fewf!  What a month!  June brought a number of great projects and tasty treats too.  Like our Hot Cocoa Banana Muffins.  Bill clearly enjoyed them.  See?! So let’s take a look at all the the crazy things we were up to! Wreath – White-washed for Summer! Taking Palmolive® Soft Touch to Task Easy Houseplant Care New Dishes!… Continue reading Hey girl. June 2013 in Review

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Christchurch Priory & Palm Trees

So, resulting from a long-ago funny moment on a cruise, it was essentially decided that all vacations are not legit until a Palm tree is found. FORTUNATELY, Christchurch delivered.  Many times.  But this particular palm was a beaut.  As is the lass modeling with it. So now that the trip is legit, lets move on.… Continue reading Christchurch Priory & Palm Trees

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So This One Time I Flew Across the Ocean…

…and MAN were my arms tired!  *badumcheech* So I’ve managed to make it back after a wonderful 10 days in southern England, London and Paris.  And what an amazing trip it was!  I went with my childhood best friend, Molly, stayed with our best friend Brynn and her husband Gary, before meeting up with my… Continue reading So This One Time I Flew Across the Ocean…

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Parisian Perusing

All this week we’re sharing inspiring decor from Europe because, well, after MONTHS of planning I am FINALLY there!  By now I’m likely ogling the designer labels through shop windows while filling an entire memory card with pictures of the Eiffel tower alone. Speaking of, this iconic Parisian landmark is quite the point of inspiration… Continue reading Parisian Perusing

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NPS Stamps – Hopewell Furnace NHS

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! Bill and I spent Christmas outside of Philadelphia with my family, but to get here we first had to traverse nearly the entire state of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philly. We figured rather than rushing across, we’d break apart the 6 hour trip and detour to a National Park, much… Continue reading NPS Stamps – Hopewell Furnace NHS

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Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art

As first highlighted in this post about our choice of photo ledges, Bill and I decided to create some artwork that would be a nod to where we’re each (PROUDLY) from, and of course where we first met.  And since this is our Anniversary Week, I thought I’d keep the love flowing and show you… Continue reading Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art

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Road Trip to Cincinnati – Part 2: We Do It For the Stamps. And the Sports.

Did you hear the one about the unstamped letter? You wouldn’t get it. Ba-Dum-Cheech! No, I don’t mean postage stamps, I mean stamp cancellations.  In a passport.  Specifically, the Passport to Our National Parks.  It’s a passport containing information and a (nearly) complete list of every National Park in our nation’s system. I was first… Continue reading Road Trip to Cincinnati – Part 2: We Do It For the Stamps. And the Sports.