ceramic berry container from sur la table in red @ BandBBuildALife.com
Our Story, Thrifting

Double Three Dollar Deals

This weekend was spent going through the rigmarole to officially become a resident of Pennsylvania.  It was a more complicated process than it really needs to be, and there were a few moments of identity crisis.  I've been a proud (SOUTH!) Jersey girl my whole life.... and now Pennsylvania is next to my name in… Continue reading Double Three Dollar Deals

Hopewell Furnace NHS @ BandBBuildALife.com
Our Story, Passport to Our National Parks

NPS Stamps – Hopewell Furnace NHS

Hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! Bill and I spent Christmas outside of Philadelphia with my family, but to get here we first had to traverse nearly the entire state of Pennsylvania from Pittsburgh to Philly. We figured rather than rushing across, we'd break apart the 6 hour trip and detour to a National Park, much… Continue reading NPS Stamps – Hopewell Furnace NHS