ceramic berry container from sur la table in red @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Double Three Dollar Deals

This weekend was spent going through the rigmarole to officially become a resident of Pennsylvania.  It was a more complicated process than it really needs to be, and there were a few moments of identity crisis.  I’ve been a proud (SOUTH!) Jersey girl my whole life…. and now Pennsylvania is next to my name in my wallet? It’s just plain WEIRD.

having an crisis of identity at BandBBuildALife.com

Though there was some waiting involved, the process didn’t take quite as long as I expected.  Bill & I found ourselves in my car calling around to inspection stations to complete the final task in the process and it seems none in the area have an opening before mid week.

So instead of spending our Saturday afternoon at a mechanic waiting to be inspected, we found ourselves with found time.  Did we use this time to get cracking on another big project we’ve taken on?  Pshaw! No.  We had ourselves a date day and FINALLY got to check out the Southside Works over by American Eagle’s head quarters.

Southside Cinemas, Southside Works, Pittsburgh
Southside Cinemas, Southside Works, Pittsburgh (Photo credit: matrixcodex)

We decided to catch the late matinée of Pacific Rim which was…. eh.  Robots and aliens meet the reused plot from Armageddon.  Personally, I prefer Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck.

But before and after the movie, we strolled around and checked out the shops.  Right next to the theater is an Urban Outfitters.  Not my favorite store, but occasionally their clearance can be a sweet spot to make a treat-yo-self score and this trip did not  disappoint!

B initial bracelet from urban outfitters @ BandBBuildALife.com B initial bracelet from urban outfitters @ BandBBuildALife.com

This dainty bracelet was in a mix of accessories that had been marked down, and in the end cost me $3!  ….OK, OK, it would have been relatively simple to DIY one, but sometimes you just have to treat-yo-self.

Anybody else out there LOVE Parks and Rec?

After exiting hipster world, I discovered a wonderful store I thought I’d left behind in DC – Sur La Table!  There was free coffee and lemon water and other treats to test, and of course I headed straight on over to the clearance signs.  And guess what I found?

ceramic berry container from sur la table in red @ BandBBuildALife.com

Yup!  That’s a ceramic berry container!  Originally she was about $8, but was marked down to $3!  Woohoo!  She matches the blue and white ones I bought before that currently cradle our African violet.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.comNow I have a trio of them in patriotic colors which will be great for all those fantastic BBQs we throw on our deck.  Oh right, we don’t have one.  Oops!  I’m positive I’ll still use them though!

So all in all it was a great Saturday, despite a big life change and time spent at the DMV. 

How’d you spend your weekend?

~ Beth

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