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More Flowers!

I am determined to make things greener around here, no matter what the weather is like.  The only other obstacle indoors?

Bill’s brown thumb.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

I think this was a peace plant.  Was being the key phrase.  Tsk tsk.

So I knew when we went to Ikea that there were new plants in our future.

Ikea BYOF @ BandBBuildALife.com

Like I highlighted in one of our Young House Love book projects, I’m fond of windows full of green.

BandBBuildALife.com YHL Book Project # 163

So naturally the next place to meet some fresh spring flowers was the kitchen windowsill.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.comSpring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

While perusing the garden section of Ikea, I picked up this African violet and read the care instructions to Bill. “Indirect light, water sparingly.” To which Bill enthusiastically responded, “Perfect!”  Oh little violet, please be true to your laid back instructions!

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

Though these photos are sunny, they usually only get direct sun from sunrise until about 9am because the the angle of our windows.  The perfect spot for these purple blooms.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

A corner of the apartment we have yet to share, the office corner in the bedroom.  That desk is…. ehhh.  We have plans to DIY one, like we mentioned in our 2013 goals.  One day at a time.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

I’m a big fan of calla lilies and when I read that the care for these babies was nearly identical to the African violets,  we knew these were a must have.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

The mossy covering was originally going to be used on a wreath but I decided it was too messy so instead it’s covering the dirt in this happy green pot.  (The perfect green to match our bedroom upgrade!)  The moss really softens the look and helps hold in moisture so the flowers don’t dry out too fast.

Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com Spring Flowers @ BandBBuildALife.com

And to quietly nod to this weekend’s Easter holiday, this little guy was hanging out around the apartment too.

Here’s hoping that while I’m away, Bill takes care of these new green friends.

~ Beth

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