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It All Started with a Lamp ~ Or, the Bedroom Revamp!

Earlier this month we shared some simple updates we did with our little RASTafari hack including some simple organizing as well as a re-styling.  If you read carefully, there was a teaser about coming updates to our Pittsburgh bedroom.  Well it’s FINALLY time to share them with you!

Fortunately, Kermit approves of the changes.

Kermit the frog approves of the green @

You see, I walked into my local Homegoods on a quest for bathroom storage containers, when I saw this lamp.  It was the PERFECT shape for what I’ve been searching for, but it was green.  Like, Kermit green.  And I wanted blue for the bedroom, or black or silver…. something either neutral or that would match the way the room already was.

So I left the lamp there.  But I couldn’t stop thinking about it.  And then I realized the room looked like this:

boring blue and gray bedroom BEFORE @

If you ignore the laundry on the floor and the unmade bed, there are a few flaws in the plan:

  • We touched on wanting to put things on the walls in our goals for 2013, so there’s certainly room for a few frames and other artwork.
  • The window needs some attention too – the furniture in the room has to be where it is, so we need to do something to make the window look less off, and shorten the sheer drapes that currently fall over the headboard.
  • The colors in the room are kinda flat.  We love the calming combination of blue, white and gray, especially as they are a subtle nod to Bill’s undergrad home, Penn State.  But there’s not a real POP color as a result.

So the more and more I thought…. the room was in need of some updates.  And Mayyybe the green wouldn’t be so bad.  So I ran back on my lunch hour and picked up the last one in the store.

green homegoods lamp @

But to add more green to the room, I also added in a fun stripped rug to stretch our toes out on in the morning.

kermit the frog approves of the stripped rug @

Kermit found it to be quite comfy. (And MUCH better than the Pinstrosity I created trying to paint a rug by hand!)

And who doesn’t like more pillows? What about a bolster pillow?  How about a soft flannel one?  Done with 3 seams and $3 worth of fabric.

Homegoods green lamp @

And I shortened the sheer drapes in the window and tucked a few plants in the window for some more natural privacy.

green pop color in bedroom @

And to visually ‘frame in’ where the bed sits in the room, I added a larger, more substantial ORB curtain rod across from the far right post of the headboard, to the left side of the RAST nightstand.

adding drapery hardware to frame things in @

To make the drapery, I just picked up an extra full-sized flat sheet, hemmed it to the right length and rigged it up with some drapery hooks.

adding drapery hardware to frame things in @

Can’t beat clearance!  With a quick hem they were good to go.  And to tie it back, I used a scrap leftover from the duvet cover I made.  To secure it, I just used a few thumb tacks through it to the wall.

adding drapery hardware to frame things in @

There’s a little more to the artwork above the bed, but we’ll save that for Wednesday’s post.  For now I’ll leave you with a few more glamor shots of the room all put together.

adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com

adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com

The extra color and the taller drapes make the room feel so much taller!  And I love how cheery the plants in the window are – plus it helps remind me to water them! (oops!)

adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com

We’ll be back Wednesday with the full story behind the artwork that was added!  (Hint: Amanda @ Our Humble Abode is brilliant.)

~ Beth YHL Book Project # 163
032 These projects are also # 032 and # 163 in John & Sherry Petersik’s book Young House Love. Click here to see more projects we’ve completed from their book!

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  1. Great job! I love all the green and blue pops of color. Cute photos (kermit), too! I also like the longer curtin rod 🙂
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