Some RASTafari Re-styling

Yesterday we slapped some drawer liners in the old RASTafari nightstand and re-organized to make early-morning blind searches much easier. Now that the insides are spruced, it's high time to dress up the top a bit, and make it look a little more grown up. The artwork that has been on display since we unveiled… Continue reading Some RASTafari Re-styling

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Some RASTafari Re-Organizing

If you've been following along, you'll know we lovingly refer to our nightstand as RASTafari as it was built from an ikea hack using the RAST. Once we finished the outside, we just sorta tossed some things into it and left it alone.  I had always planned to line the drawers with some pretty paper… Continue reading Some RASTafari Re-Organizing

Ikea Rast Hack - two-toned nightstand
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Our RASTafari Adventure – Or, Our first DIY Project

So, Ikea.  We love them.  Basically when we need a cheap date night out in Pittsburgh, it involves dollar ice cream cones and Swedish meatballs.  Window shopping or under-$20 spending is usually the name of the game when we're there. We also use Ikea Hackers as a great inspiration and, as most in the DIY… Continue reading Our RASTafari Adventure – Or, Our first DIY Project