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Some RASTafari Re-Organizing

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know we lovingly refer to our nightstand as RASTafari as it was built from an ikea hack using the RAST.

Ikea Rast Hack - two-toned nightstand
BandBBuildALife’s take on the popular Ikea RAST Hack

Once we finished the outside, we just sorta tossed some things into it and left it alone.  I had always planned to line the drawers with some pretty paper and use some handy dividers to keep things neat and tidy.

Well.  It didn’t happen.  Here’s our little RASTafari now.

ikea rast hack @ bandbbuildalife.com ikea rast hack @ bandbbuildalife.comThe bottom two drawers have become the home of my favorite jeans and sweaters.  As it is on his side of the bed, the top drawer is occupied by Bill’s things, mostly allergy related.

ikea rast hack @ bandbbuildalife.com

In the grand scheme of things, it isn’t that messy.  But we can do better.  So OUT all of it went, and in when some pretty damask print wrapping paper I got in the Target dollar spot.

ikea rast hack @ bandbbuildalife.comNow that the drawer is looking spiffy,  what to use to keep it organized?  Enter the glorious IKEA.

ikea rast hack @ bandbbuildalife.comThis weirdly named package has an assortment of flat-packed drawer dividers.  I plucked a few out and popped them open and tucked them into the little RAST.

ikea rast hack @ bandbbuildalife.comOne section for allergy meds, the tissue box tucked away, and a spot for belts and other manly accessories.

The other drawers got the liner treatment before filling them back up with my sweaters.  Not fun so no pictures.

Tomorrow we’ll have an extra post about some RASTafari re-styling complete with a spray paint project.  Stay tuned!

~ Beth

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