Some RASTafari Re-styling

Yesterday we slapped some drawer liners in the old RASTafari nightstand and re-organized to make early-morning blind searches much easier.

ikea rast hack @

Now that the insides are spruced, it’s high time to dress up the top a bit, and make it look a little more grown up.

The artwork that has been on display since we unveiled the Rast was a simple love note post-it I left for Bill on my way out of town.

RASTafari staged all pretty @

Though the note was cute, an update was in order.

Remember these guys, originally scored at Goodwill after being dramatically reduced from Target?

Weekend Score at Goodwill/Target

Well the vase still has yet to find a home, but the dodecahedron object was FINALLY going to see the light.  But it was boring and white.  In a rental apartment with white walls.  On top of a white dresser.  BOOORINGG.

Fortunately, we have our friend, spray paint.

spray paint Target @

So the poor little object was zapped with a slow and steady coat of this shiny-almost-mirror-finish silver paint to reveal this gem…

spray paint Target @

The box may have also taken a coating too.  That’s what cardboard is for!  But I couldn’t just set this little pointed friend alone ontop of the RAST.  He needed some friends.  Some grown up, shiny friends.

Luckily, I had made a carefully selected purchase from Joss & Main during YHL’s curated collection.  I had also used the $10 first-time buyer coupon I got from Pottery Barn coupled with a sweet sale to basically walk out with a free picture frame.

So I had TWO shiny grown-up looking frames.  Let us put something in them!

spray paint Target @

spray paint Target @

After some Facebook scouring and tripping down memory lane, I decided on a cute picture from our first Flyers vs Penguins game, and a colorful shot of us outside the Carnegie Science Museum.

After some quick clipping, they were all set to join the pointy object!

RAST Restyed @

Now we have the perfect trio of pretty to add a bit of sparkle and a more grown-up vibe to the room.

RAST Restyed @

As for the Target Pointy friend, he’s looking quite spiffy with his shiny friends.

RAST Restyed @

The larger frame is from Pottery Barn (no longer available), while the smaller square frame with chain link detail is a Reed and Barton frame from the Joss & Main sale.

As much as I am enjoying these grown-up additions, I cannot wait to share with you the big changes we have planned for the bedroom.  Things are going on the walls, and a new color friend will be joining the ranks along with Blue, White and Gray!  Let’s just say, it all started with a lamp…

Stay tuned!

~ Beth YHL Book Project # 070