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Weddings in the Smart Phone & Social Media Age

This article could also be called, "Did you even READ our Wedsite?" In the age of the internet where everyone's on social media and and almost everyone hasa smartphone, you have a lot of different avenues to chose when sharing information about your wedding. This easy-access often leads to information overload, and sometimes drama. But, Smartphones and social media can be great tools for planning and sharing information about your wedding. Here are some tips on how to manage and leverage social media and smart phones to enhance your wedding day and planning experiences.


Some RASTafari Re-styling

Yesterday we slapped some drawer liners in the old RASTafari nightstand and re-organized to make early-morning blind searches much easier. Now that the insides are spruced, it's high time to dress up the top a bit, and make it look a little more grown up. The artwork that has been on display since we unveiled… Continue reading Some RASTafari Re-styling