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WEEKEND SCORE – Goodwill Meets Target?

While on an adventure to a Target we don’t typically frequent North of Pittsburgh, we came across a ‘legit’ looking Goodwill.  It was previously an Ekerd and took advantage of what was the drive through pharmacy and instead allowed you to drive up and donate.  Well we couldn’t pass that up!  And boy was I glad we didn’t!

It turns out this particular location, in an effort to supplement their stock and create variety for their customers, actually buys over-stock and clearance items from Target at a fraction of the cost at the regular store.

Weekend Score at Goodwill/Target

Man was I PUMPED when I found these!  I had been in love with the dodecahedron figure on the right but really couldn’t justify spending something close to $15 on it.  I actually tried to research how to make one from cardboard and when the directions started making me cross-eyed, I gave up.  But for just under $3 at Goodwill, I was more than happy to make the purchase.

Weekend Score at Goodwill/Target

The larger trophy piece is actually still currently available in stores.  And as you can see by this decal, the original price was about $18.

Weekend Score at Goodwill/Target

But at Goodwill it was only $7!  All because there was a minute chip in the top.  I can’t wait to peel off the stickers and start using this puppy.  The dodecahedron I’m planning to paint – a royal blue?  Maybe coral?  Silver?  Ohhh yes silver… we shall see.

Have you found any goodies this weekend?

~ Beth

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