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Desperation Drapes

First things first - this is NOT a glamorous post.  Neither the quality of the photos, nor the subject in the photos would count as anything near to pretty.  This is one of those reality check kinda posts. So it's hot.  And though Pittsburgh isn't as bad as DC, it is still unbearable when you… Continue reading Desperation Drapes

adding pop color green to our bedroom @ BandBBuildALife,com
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It All Started with a Lamp ~ Or, the Bedroom Revamp!

Earlier this month we shared some simple updates we did with our little RASTafari hack including some simple organizing as well as a re-styling.  If you read carefully, there was a teaser about coming updates to our Pittsburgh bedroom.  Well it's FINALLY time to share them with you! Fortunately, Kermit approves of the changes. You… Continue reading It All Started with a Lamp ~ Or, the Bedroom Revamp!