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Pinterest Challenge Winter 2013 – Epic Fail Style

Yes, you read correctly, EPIC. FAIL.  Our first Pinstrosity here at B&B, though I’m sure it won’t be the last.

painted rug pinstrosity @

It all started with the discovery of this old cotton rug in the basement.  Unused, just waiting for a home.  I had been planning to come up with some sort of small rug to go with the new pop of green in our bedroom and this rug was the perfect (and perfectly free) solution.

Then I remembered seeing a little painted rug tutorial on Pinterest

So I decided to give it a shot.  I gathered my tools together.  Only, I didn’t have painter’s tape, so I used packing tape instead.  Same difference, right?

painted rug craft fail @

I had taken the lamp to Home Depot with me to try and match the color and it turns out Behr makes a shade identical – the third one in from the left on the paint chip above.  BUT I also am very good at mixing paint to match things (a hold out from when I dabbled in art school) so I decided to skip buying the sample pot of paint and just use some acrylic paint I already had.  Same difference, right?

painted rug craft fail @

painted rug craft fail @

Once I had the paint mixed and the simple stripes taped, it was time to get painting!  I decided since I was hand-mixing the color, it would be best to work from the outside in, so if color variations occurred it would have a neat ombre effect to the middle.

painted rug craft fail @ painted rug craft fail @

The paint was looking great, but it was really soaking in, so I decided to water it down juuuust a touch, which really seemed to do the trick.

And to pass the time, I decided to gaze into the eyes of Matthew Crawley and the rest of the Downton Abbey gang…

painted rug craft fail @

…..a few more stripes were laid down before I even realized what was happening.

painted rug craft fail @

Yes, I had a bad case of BLEED going on beneath the tape!  I was so drawn into DA that I wasn’t paying attention to how much I had watered down the paint!

painted rug craft fail @

So, what started out as a totally free custom rug, turned out to be a totally free blotchy mess!  Fortunately, Kermit stepped in and showed me this beauty for the bedroom:

kermit the frog approves of the stripped rug @

You win some, you lose some.   Next time, I’ll spring for the frog tape and sample pot of paint!

What projects have you learned from lately?

~ Beth

craft fail paint rug @ YHL Book Project # 002
This project is also # 002 in John & Sherry Petersik’s book Young House Love. Click here to see more projects we’ve completed from their book!

8 thoughts on “Pinterest Challenge Winter 2013 – Epic Fail Style”

  1. Oh, I love the term “pinstrosity”… I may steal that from you 🙂 I love the green paint chips you picked out – those colors are beautiful! thanks for sharing the bad with the good. mine was nearly a disaster, too. maybe the spring edition challenge will go better for us both 🙂

  2. hahaha have you been to the site she has things happen to her like this pretty much every day plus shes hilarious. i also did my pinterest challenge with acrylic paint..but luckily i didnt have to worry about the bleeding and smudging!! sorry…next time it will be a win!!!

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