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Hey girl. May 2013 in Review

May was a busy month, which sadly meant we didn't get nearly as many projects completed as I'd have liked.  And there were no pictures of Bill to turn into a funny hey girl like this one from February.... Or these original ones from January. So for the most part May's recap is a rundown… Continue reading Hey girl. May 2013 in Review

Louvre Museum at Sunset @ BandBuildaLife.com
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The Louvre at Sunset

I don't know why - I don't recall reading it anywhere - but I just knew that stopping by the Louvre at sunset would be a beautiful sight.  And fortunately, it didn't disappoint! Given our short visit, we decided against visiting the Louvre as it's so huge you could easily spend an entire day there. … Continue reading The Louvre at Sunset

Shopping on the Champs-Élysées @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Shopping & People Watching In Paris

Paris and shopping,  I mean they do kinda go hand in hand.  So off to the Champs-Élysées we went!There were so many shops -- and a LINE just to get into Louis Vitton!  Ridiculous.I was totally crushing on these high-heeled-high-tops in one store... but couldn't fathom spending $250 on them!  And of course the treats! … Continue reading Shopping & People Watching In Paris

Notre Dam in Paris @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Gosh Notre-Dame It!

After a quick breakfast at the hotel - with the most DELICIOUS croissants, we were off to Notre Dame! We arrived just before noon, and it turns out they still hold services, so we were able to witness mass. Notre Dame was overwhelming.  I don't consider myself to be that religious, but you couldn't help… Continue reading Gosh Notre-Dame It!

Eiffel Tower @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Ascending Eiffel

Of course our first real stop in Paris was the Eiffel Tower. This was literally 10 minutes from our hotel, by foot.  It was wonderful! It's just too tall to fit in the frame straight! We had been warned that the line can get pretty bad, and it did loop around the plaza beneath the… Continue reading Ascending Eiffel

paris @ BandBBUildALife.com
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Eurostar to Paris!

I mean, we were taking the time off to fly across the ocean.  A trip we likely won't get to make again, so you better believe we were fitting a trip to Paris into things! To get there, we had to wake up at 5am to have enough time to dress, last-minute pack and get… Continue reading Eurostar to Paris!

London Eye at Sunset Visit @ BandBBuildALife.com
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London Eyes Are Watching You

Mwahahaha now I KNOW you have this song stuck in your head.  Go ahead, thank me.  😉 But visiting the London Eye was the name of the game the evening of our full day in London, on bank holiday no less!  Yes, we managed to be in town for the first Monday after May 1st. … Continue reading London Eyes Are Watching You

buckingham palace visit @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Of Palaces and Towers in London

So we left off after taking a look at Westminster Abbey where I wistfully dreamed of marrying a prince and gawked at the beautiful architecture and almost incomprehensible amount of history that has occurred there. Then we made a mad dash to Buckingham Palace to try and catch the changing of the guard. And a… Continue reading Of Palaces and Towers in London

Big Ben @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Away to London!

When it rains it pours around here!  It seems now I am the one sick with pneumonia for memorial day weekend.  I put together a good number of posts early this week to get things rolling again, but things may get spotty again before we get to Paris.  Ugh. After a few days in southern… Continue reading Away to London!

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Christchurch Priory & Palm Trees

So, resulting from a long-ago funny moment on a cruise, it was essentially decided that all vacations are not legit until a Palm tree is found.FORTUNATELY, Christchurch delivered.  Many times.  But this particular palm was a beaut.  As is the lass modeling with it.So now that the trip is legit, lets move on.The Priory has… Continue reading Christchurch Priory & Palm Trees

roman baths of Bath @ BandBBuildALife.com
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On Baths in Bath

Bath. It's such a blah word. Like Beth. Whatever. HOWEVER, the Roman Baths of Bath are not blah at all. In fact, they were quite fascinating. The whole city of Bath had this same stone look to it, sandy colored and there was a lot of clean-up work to clear the decades of soot from… Continue reading On Baths in Bath

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Eurotrip 2013 Checklist

Pssst - so, a combination of an overwhelming amount of photos, wanting to take some time off to just be in eachother's presence after a paticularly long time apart from Bill, and then a pretty bad bout of food poisoning on Sunday/Monday has left things pretty quiet here on the blog and wayyyy delayed.  So… Continue reading Eurotrip 2013 Checklist