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Shopping & People Watching In Paris

Paris and shopping,  I mean they do kinda go hand in hand.  So off to the Champs-Élysées we went!There were so many shops -- and a LINE just to get into Louis Vitton!  Ridiculous.I was totally crushing on these high-heeled-high-tops in one store... but couldn't fathom spending $250 on them!  And of course the treats! … Continue reading Shopping & People Watching In Paris

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Eurotrip 2013 Checklist

Pssst - so, a combination of an overwhelming amount of photos, wanting to take some time off to just be in eachother's presence after a paticularly long time apart from Bill, and then a pretty bad bout of food poisoning on Sunday/Monday has left things pretty quiet here on the blog and wayyyy delayed.  So… Continue reading Eurotrip 2013 Checklist