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Dinner and a Show in Paris

We knew the Eiffel Tower had a beautiful light show, so we chose to get dinner not too far away so we could walk back for the spectacle.  This cafe just a few blocks off the park was where we spent our evening. To try something new, I ordered a salad with smoked duck breast… Continue reading Dinner and a Show in Paris

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Sightseeing in Paris

After our journey up the Eiffel Tower, we knew we wanted to see more, but were concerned about travel (and thieves) in a foreign city that we didn't speak the language in.  So we decided to take advantage of one of the bus tours.  And BOY were we glad we did!  With a 2 hour… Continue reading Sightseeing in Paris

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Ascending Eiffel

Of course our first real stop in Paris was the Eiffel Tower. This was literally 10 minutes from our hotel, by foot.  It was wonderful! It's just too tall to fit in the frame straight! We had been warned that the line can get pretty bad, and it did loop around the plaza beneath the… Continue reading Ascending Eiffel

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Parisian Perusing

All this week we're sharing inspiring decor from Europe because, well, after MONTHS of planning I am FINALLY there!  By now I'm likely ogling the designer labels through shop windows while filling an entire memory card with pictures of the Eiffel tower alone. Speaking of, this iconic Parisian landmark is quite the point of inspiration… Continue reading Parisian Perusing