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Sightseeing in Paris

After our journey up the Eiffel Tower, we knew we wanted to see more, but were concerned about travel (and thieves) in a foreign city that we didn’t speak the language in.  So we decided to take advantage of one of the bus tours.  And BOY were we glad we did!  With a 2 hour trip around the city, we managed to see basically EVERYTHING you’d immediately think of in one sweep!  It was an excellent way to get an overview of Paris.
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Notre Dam!  We’ll be back tomorrow to see you!sightseeing in Paris @

I’m kind of obsessed with this photo.  There isn’t a major sight to see here, but the Seine flows in the background with a young couple enjoying the day…. a perfect moment to capture.  Maybe someday I can re-create it with Bill. sightseeing in Paris @ sightseeing in Paris @

This bridge is where lovers from all over come to leave a lock.  It’s an Italian tradition that’s caught on for sure.   Another thing I hope to one day bring Bill back for.sightseeing in Paris @ BandBBuildALife.comAs the bus neared this one building, we kept moving towards it.  And closer.  And I thought, we couldn’t POSSIBLY be going through that doorway.  And then, we were!  I couldn’t believe that traffic still traveled through these openings- so narrow and tight!

sightseeing in Paris @

sightseeing in Paris @

And then, THERE IT WAS.  Just after getting over the shock of driving through a building like it’s no big deal, we had arrived.  At the Louvre!

sightseeing in Paris @ BandBBuildALife.comsightseeing in Paris @ BandBBuildALife.comsightseeing in Paris @

That grassy area infront of the Louvre is where the pyramid points downward into the ground.  From the DaVinci Code.  AWESOME.  We had plans to come back on foot later….

sightseeing in Paris @

And then trying to leave the Louvre, this insane traffic jam happened.  Traffic in Paris had this crazy every-man-for-himself edge to it, and the large squares didn’t even have lane markers.  It was insane!  sightseeing in Paris @ sightseeing in Paris @

The Opera house!  Any fans of Phantom of the Opera out there??!?!

DSCN0518_web DSCN0511_web

So we’re driving along and everyone’s looking at this greek looking structure straight ahead…. and I notice a blue door to our right.  And realize it’s L’Oreal’s headquarters!


There were statues everywhere.  This one was just funny because of the rude birds.


At one point we passed the Rodin museum… and yes, that is THE THINKER.  Seen for FREE from the bus.  NICE.

DSCN0468_webIt was such an awesome whirlwind on the bus.  I highly recommend taking a turn around the city this way to get your bearings and take advantage of the sights!

~ Beth


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