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Eurostar to Paris!

I mean, we were taking the time off to fly across the ocean.  A trip we likely won’t get to make again, so you better believe we were fitting a trip to Paris into things!

St Pancras Internation station's Eurostar plat...
St Pancras Internation station’s Eurostar platforms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To get there, we had to wake up at 5am to have enough time to dress, last-minute pack and get to the underground to reach St Pancras Station on time for our check in. Needless to say, at now 6:30am as we made it through security, I was not awake enough to document that leg of our trip. But the station lounge was clean and very modern – with air conditioning vents in the floor which lead to a pleasant surprise for anyone wearing a skirt!

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This was the only shot I took on the whole train journey.  I’m pretty sure that’s France out there, which seemed to be a bigger part of the trip than the English side of things.  And the Chunnel — it happened, we went through it, but there were so many tunnels before it that the only reason we were able to assume we were in the Chunnel was  because it was a longer period of time in the dark.  Kinda anti-climactic if you ask me.

Gare du Nord (Paris Nord) platforms
Gare du Nord (Paris Nord) platforms (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We arrived at Gare du Nord and were thrilled to see that, though the signs were of course in French, they had English translations below so we weren’t totally lost. After a quick stop at a currency exchange we were on the street hailing a cab.

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Our cab driver was a young guy, likely about our age and was very courteous and helped us learn a few words in French for things.  And as we drove closer to our hotel, we got our first glimpse of the Eiffel tower – in reflection on the other cars!

After unloading our bags at our hotel, our first stop was a cafe nearby for lunch.

cafe lunch in paris @ cafe lunch in paris @

A tasty chef salad (forget the French equivalent name, but it was delicious!) and eggs with steak frites for Molly.  A great way to start our culinary trip in Paris!

Obviously lunch was not the highlight of our day.  Just a quick 10 minute walk away was this little building.

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Stay tuned for our ascent of the Eiffel Tower!

~ Beth

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