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Escape to Erie

One of the perks of my new company is that they’re pretty awesome around the holidays and closed the office for Black Friday. That meant a nice long weekend to enjoy. Having not hit the road for fun in a while, we decided to hot the road just a few hours north to Erie, Pa.

20131219-130713.jpgthats us at the top of the Tom Ridge nature center, just outside Presque Isle state park. The closest ‘ocean’ that Pittsburgh has is in reality the Great Lake Erie. Which, though i was skeptical, at least *looked* like an ocean.

20131219-131037.jpg The sight of a beach covered in snow was crazy, but playing in sandy snow turned out to be a lot of fun!

20131219-131158.jpgWe hit the casino and did some Christmas shopping, but the real highlight was the natural beauty of the area, and of course the light houses!

20131219-131309.jpg As a last minute addition to the trip, we decided to stop for the Erie Brewing Company tour. If you ever find yourself in Erie, you MUST stop for this tour!

20131219-133145.jpgThis guy is HYSTERICAL and tells it like it is. He basically made the tour. And the beverages didn’t hurt either! All in all it was an excellent trip.

Have you ever been to Erie?

~ Beth