We’re back from an extensive Turkey Hangover

When we last posted, Bill and I were anxiously preparing to host our first Thanksgiving. A milestone for many relationships, and one i think we passed with flying colors.

We kept things simple and didnt try to be Martha Stewart or some pinterest princesses. We kept it real with stove top and bob evans potatoes. Bit the turkey was all us. Stuffed with apples and slathered in mayo, it cooked faster than expected but it was SO JUICY! I highly recommend the mayo treatment!


To keep early guests entertained we had your standard football game on the big tv and put out simple cheese and carrots. My favorite part was the plate – scored for $3 at Homegoods just the day before!

And my candle stand made an appearance as a pie stand too!


20131219-123604.jpg Decorations were kept simple too, but to be honest it helped really make the day. No need to fuss over the prep or have guests feel obligated to ohh and ah. Just come over and eat!

20131219-124004.jpg All in all it was a wonderful holiday with family. Maybe someday when we have a house we’ll go nuts but for now this holiday was just our speed.

~ Beth

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