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London Calling

So, like I mentioned, this week I am off and away in the UK (then Paris!) to visit a dear friend who’s expecting her first little girl in July!  (If your comments don’t appear, that’s because nobody’s home to approve them.  They’ll show up when I return!)

So what better way to celebrate such a trip than with some London themed decor?


Seriously this kid is LUUUUCKKKYY!  Besides being a wonderfully playful room, that closet turned phone booth is so cute!  And how easy it is to re-create.  A french door and some red paint.  Awesome!

{Via Our Fifth House}

This headboard! I mean, the Union Jack looks fantastic – but even with a pattern this would look fantastic! And the ability to build in all kinds of storage with the peg board – GENIUS!

{Via My Wall Decal}

Incase you’re not a fan of the Union Jack look, this handy wall decal would be great to fill some horizontal space in your home. Or maybe even as a backdrop in a fun, London themed playroom?


This little Boy’s room is so cute and simple – not too much on the walls but the classic double decker Red Bus print, but the plush on the bed more than makes up for the simple walls!

And finally, THIS MOOD BOARD.  It’s perfect.  I mean, I was gonna make one, but then Joni Lay at Better Homes and Gardens went and put this one together and basically made all other boards useless in comparison.

[Via Better Homes and Gardens]
Check out the original post on BHG for the rundown on where each item is from.  But the Kings Cross sign, the LOVE print, the Union Jack dresser! Coupled with the more subtle Queen’s pillow.  This would be such a sweet London themed nursery!

Ahh so many sights to see.  Can’t wait to fill you in on what I saw when I get back!

~ Beth