This Lady is a Packing Pro

With the power of Pinterest, I found an old article from the New York Times highlighting how a Flight Attendant packs 10 days worth of clothes in a carry on.

[via the NY Times]
Everyone knows at least in the back of their mind that rolling your clothes works better than folding when packing in a tight fit…. but 10 days? Day-um!

Needless to say, I referenced this lady a few times this week while packing!  Though I only took 7 days of clothes with me, her methods would allow me to easily have taken another 2 or 3 if I wanted.  …but I’d rather have room to bring home fresh macaroons from Paris. 🙂

I have a few posts for you all next week, but comments won’t be approved until after Mother’s Day as I’ll have some Mom time, and a new niece to catch up on by the time I return to the states!

Au revoir!

~ Beth


1 thought on “This Lady is a Packing Pro”

  1. She is definitely a professional, but she takes way, way, way too much stuff. Her bags must weigh a good 20+ pounds!
    Better to bring a capsule wardrobe with tops that can layer/mix/match with the bottoms. You can travel for weeks at a time this way, especially if you wash your clothing along the way. And your bag will be a lot lighter and fit in the overhead bin.

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