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Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art

As first highlighted in this post about our choice of photo ledges, Bill and I decided to create some artwork that would be a nod to where we’re each (PROUDLY) from, and of course where we first met.  And since this is our Anniversary Week, I thought I’d keep the love flowing and show you how we made these quick pieces.

Map Art Tutorial @

Step one – use your AAA Membership!  Yeah, remember that membership you keep paying for with due to that fear of finding yourself stuck on the side of a dark highway with a flat tire?  Or maybe you’re hoping to use your discount at a hotel on your next trip?  And somehow, you always forget about it.  Or a friend happens to come by and is a flat-tire-fixin’-maven, and you never actually use your AAA membership.  All those dues for naught.  Until TODAY.  TODAY you will find your local office and stroll on in.  Tell them you need directions.  Tell them, you need a MAP.  Maybe you need a few maps.  Hell, you get lost A LOT and don’t believe in a GPS, so load up that glove box with all the flatland help you can get!

Don’t have a membership?  Bummer, but you’re likely smart for it – think of all the dues you’ve NOT thrown away the past few years!  (Trust me, the hotel discount for Disney was NOT a discount.  In fact, it cost more through them than it did directly through Disney for my recent trip this past July.)  Instead, check your glove box.  All the way in the back, next to that stack of emergency Dunkin Donuts napkins, I’m betting you have a map or two you forgot about.  If they’ve been forgotten, you’re clearly not using them for their intended purpose, so you should be OK to use them for this project.  In-case you’re worried you’ll actually need that map, call up your Pops, ask him to raid his stash of maps (common, I know your Parents keep maps, trust me on this.  It’s a generation thing.) and hook you up instead.

Your haul should look something like this.

Map Haul @
Yes, those are my feet, and yes those are Philadelphia Flyers PJs. I miss hockey!

Included with the haul are picture frames (not pictured but easily gotten from Target or Ikea.  Hit up the AS IS section first, they always have a few there!) a stack of post-its, a colored marker of your choice, pen, and scissors (also not pictured. Yup, Rush Job.).

Step two.  Open up the map, enjoy the satisfying sound that unfolding a map makes and reminisce about the times you heard it as a kid as your Mom frantically opened map after map while on vacation trying to navigate you out of the mess your Dad drove into because ‘he knew the way’.   Use your frame’s mat (or just the frame if you aren’t using one with a mat) to line up the map so it will feature what you want to show off.  Then cut out the portion you wish to use.

frame out your favorite map @

Step Three.  Before setting it into the frame, draw a heart on your post-it — yes, I used a post-it so that the heart would be removable.  So that we could re-use these map pieces in other projects as our DIY/DECOR ADD would inevitably require.  You could always use a sticker or a word or whatever you choose.

draw a heart on a post-it for a cheap hand drawn sticker @

So I drew a heart on the sticky end of a post-it, then colored it in with a highlighter before placing it over the specific part of the map that was relevant to the destination featured.

draw a heart on a post-it for a cheap hand drawn sticker @

Step Four.  Set it all into the frame and BAAM you have new art for your walls.

Map Art Lovin' @

Obviously, we included where we met…

DC love map @

As well as where I am from…

Philly love map @

And where Bill is from…

Pittsburgh love map @

So there you have it, a quick and easy project that will bring some lovin’ to your walls.

~ Beth

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