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Washington DC – a Wealth of National Parks!

It's been a bit since we last shared an adventure to a National Park.  As mentioned before, Bill & I are big fans of the National Parks and have a life goal of visiting all of them and getting a stamp for each in our passport. Well if you have considered starting your own passport… Continue reading Washington DC – a Wealth of National Parks!

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Cherry Blossom Bliss

Like I mentioned last week, Bill and I did make it down for an afternoon of biking around downtown DC to check out the Cherry Blossoms. Pro tip for those who want to see a lot in one day - bike it.  I'm by no means a biker, but you get to see MILES more… Continue reading Cherry Blossom Bliss

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Cherry Pink Spring Mantle

So, normally, DC would be an absolute ZOO now, blanketed in tourist in town for the Cherry Blossoms.  Mother nature seems to have had other plans, and instead we're under a winter weather advisory. Thanks for nothing, Phil. So since the cherry trees are NOT blossoming just yet, I turned to my local craft store… Continue reading Cherry Pink Spring Mantle

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DC Winter is a LIE

Unless you're a reader from another country - like the UK, or exotic places like Texas* or California** - then you've likely heard alllll about the EPIC SNOWQUESTER that was slated to clobber DC yesterday.  (Our government cannot play nice right now and is currently Sequestering so as to solve budget cut disagreements, and the… Continue reading DC Winter is a LIE

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Does This Make Me a YHLover?

I can't help it.  The idea of standing for hours in the DC cold and experiencing the bonding that occurs through that time you share with your line neighbors is just too appealing to pass up.  (Or rather, the making new friends part is, not so much the risk of frostbite.)  And it doesn't hurt… Continue reading Does This Make Me a YHLover?

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Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art

As first highlighted in this post about our choice of photo ledges, Bill and I decided to create some artwork that would be a nod to where we're each (PROUDLY) from, and of course where we first met.  And since this is our Anniversary Week, I thought I'd keep the love flowing and show you… Continue reading Geographically Challenged ~ Inexpensive Art