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Our 1 Year Blogiversary!

We made it!  One year ago (as of Aug 29th), after much deliberation, this little blog began.  And in a year we've covered a lot of ground, both literally and topically.  Let's break it down for you... 566 miles from Pittsburgh to Buxton, NC. 246 miles x ??? trips between DC and Pittsburgh. 529 miles… Continue reading Our 1 Year Blogiversary!

buy the good stuff young house love book project @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Buy the Good Stuff

This is a quick one here that I meant to share weeeeeeks ago. Yup, it's a super easy YHL Book project for you.  Buy the good stuff.  At least once.  Then refill if  you want but keep the pretty bottles. At Christmastime, Target sold these cute gift packages of Caldera hand soap and lotion.  They… Continue reading Buy the Good Stuff

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Liebster Award – what?

Bill & I haven't been at this blogging thing very long - our Blogiversary isn't until this summer.  So not all the things about the blogging world have quite set in yet.  I like to think we have the etiquette thing down - giving credit where it's due, linking back to sources and such, and… Continue reading Liebster Award – what?

BandBBuildALife.com YHL Book Project # 143
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Book Project Bonanza Vol. 3

You may recall me joking that I was going to work through John & Sherry's book, Young House Love much like that movie about Julia Child... This was seriously 99% joke though.  YES I draw a TON of inspiration from everybody's favorite dynamic-diy-duo, but I SWEAR not all of the projects you see here are… Continue reading Book Project Bonanza Vol. 3

bathroom tp vase @ bandbbuildalife.com
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A Little Bathroom Beautification for Book Project Bonanza Vol. 2!

We haven't talked that much about our Bathroom.  I recently showed you a peek of mine in DC when revealing my closet clean-up skills last week.   But the only glimpse you've gotten of the water closet in Pittsburgh was when I showed you our first B&B artwork. Surprisingly, the room has 3 other walls you… Continue reading A Little Bathroom Beautification for Book Project Bonanza Vol. 2!

Cooking my way through the book
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Book Project Bananza Vol. 1!

It is no secret that we are big fans of Young House Love.  Afterall, it was their blog and encouragement that sparked the start of our own blog.  And I'm sure meeting them twice - first in Cincinnati then again in DC helps make the case.  But a big part of why we are fans… Continue reading Book Project Bananza Vol. 1!

YHL Book Signing @ BandBBuildALife,com
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Does This Make Me a YHLover?

I can't help it.  The idea of standing for hours in the DC cold and experiencing the bonding that occurs through that time you share with your line neighbors is just too appealing to pass up.  (Or rather, the making new friends part is, not so much the risk of frostbite.)  And it doesn't hurt… Continue reading Does This Make Me a YHLover?

Beth and Bill with John and Sherry @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Road Trip to Cincinnati and Castles for YHL – Part 1

It's been a whirlwind weekend as Bill and I roadtripped to Cincinnati for the first stop on YHL's book tour.  It was TONS of fun and I wish there were more hours in the day to see more of what turned out to be a very friendly city.  Let me tell you about it! My… Continue reading Road Trip to Cincinnati and Castles for YHL – Part 1

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We Interrupt this Blogcast for a Special Announcement – YHL In Print!

So, you know those crazy kids, John and Sherry, whom I talk about IRL all the time as if I actually knew them and we were BFFs? (No, I don't actually know them, no we aren't actually friends... but MAN THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.) Well this week is a very special week, as their Book… Continue reading We Interrupt this Blogcast for a Special Announcement – YHL In Print!