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Does This Make Me a YHLover?

I can’t help it.  The idea of standing for hours in the DC cold and experiencing the bonding that occurs through that time you share with your line neighbors is just too appealing to pass up.  (Or rather, the making new friends part is, not so much the risk of frostbite.)  And it doesn’t hurt that at the end of that wait are two adorkable DIY bloggers whom, despite having to smile and greet some 200+ people before you, still have a warm and genuine smile for you too.  They really are just that nice.

YHL DC Signing @ BandBBuildALife.com

So yes, I found myself at a second book signing of John & Sherry’s new book.  You see, I had pre-ordered it….and then Bill and I decided to make a road trip adventure out of it and went to see YHL in Cincinnati for their first stop.  I had actually planned to gift their book to my best friend as she was planning to get her first place….but how could I drive all that way to OH for a signed copy for myself, but not make the short drive after work to Georgetown/DC to have them sign her copy?  I could not.

free cookies! From Captain Cookie and The Milkman

And I got worried again that I would be the only nerd there and yet again I was BLOWN AWAY by the awesome crowd of people gathered.  The line wrapped down the block and around the corner!  Unfortunate DC was experiencing an unusual drop in temperature for November, so after the first 2 hours I couldn’t feel my toes.


They actually ended up cutting the line off, and ran out of books too – so I was glad to have my pre-ordered copy in hand!  Once inside, the line wound up the stairs in the FLOR studio with a rad steel stair with a cool glass half-wall…. which allowed an early glimpse of J&S.


As the night wore on, it was getting cloooser and closer to the time my car was to be locked into the garage I parked in.  !!!!  Fortunately it seems that not only are John and Sherry wonderfully friendly, but we the fans tend to be jolly and accommodating as well and the 8 or so ladies before of me were gracious enough to let me hop in front so I could RUN to my car as fast as John and Sherry could sign!

YHL Book Signing @ BandBBuildALife,com

Me “Hi, this will be the fastest signing on record because my car is about to be locked into the garage at CB2!”
Sherry “Oh no!”
John *hesitates*
Me “oh and though the book is for MOLLY, I saw you in Cincinnati.  My boyfriend Bill drew the castle.”
John “YES!!  And you were a B name too!  With a blog, B and B—”

That Herp derp face john has above is him about to to acknowledge Bill’s drawing skillz.  Life.Moment.  Right there.  So after a quick photo with them I was off down the stairs and out the door.  I never did get to check out CB2 either.  Bummer.

YHL Book Signing @ BandBBuildALife,com

So that’s how I met my DIY idols.  Again. *sigh*

~ Beth

Beth and Bill with John and Sherry @ BandBBuildALife.com
Check out the FIRST time we met John & Sherry in Cincinnati!

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