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We Interrupt this Blogcast for a Special Announcement – YHL In Print!

So, you know those crazy kids, John and Sherry, whom I talk about IRL all the time as if I actually knew them and we were BFFs? (No, I don’t actually know them, no we aren’t actually friends… but MAN THAT WOULD BE AWESOME.)

Well this week is a very special week, as their Book Baby arrived!

Young House Love -THE BOOK

Yes, yes, it says that it comes out Nov. 6th, but on Monday John & Sherry shared via Instagram the fedex that contained their first copy of their very own book.  I can’t even imagine how exciting/exhilarating/tearful a moment that must have been for them!

They’ve shared as much about the process as they could (without causing major spoilers) and FIIIINNNALLY the great DIYers of the world are getting oh-so-close to having their hands on a copy!

I can’t wait for my copy to arrive so I can ohhh and ahhh and maybe even change my life and do a DIY Home Decor version of Julie & Julia.  Maybe.

Cooking my way through the book

If you haven’t ordered a copy yet (and somehow live under a rock and don’t know about Young House Love) then consider stopping by your favorite bookstore for a copy.  ORRR you can be nerds like Bill & I and go visit them somewhere on their book tour.  Details about that here.
We’ll be live tweeting our roadtrip to the great metropolis of Cincinnati, OH to meet the two YHLovers on their first stop of the tour.  Be sure to follow us to get all the crazy shenanigans!

What books have you been patiently awaiting the release of?

~ Beth