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DC Winter is a LIE

Unless you're a reader from another country - like the UK, or exotic places like Texas* or California** - then you've likely heard alllll about the EPIC SNOWQUESTER that was slated to clobber DC yesterday.  (Our government cannot play nice right now and is currently Sequestering so as to solve budget cut disagreements, and the… Continue reading DC Winter is a LIE

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From Ugly Lamp to Pretty Cloche

You know those moments.  You're walking along minding your own business when BAAM you're hit with inspiration.  Well while on a recent trip to the Pittsburgh Habitat ReStore I found this ugly old lamp.  (At left in the 'before' part of the Pinterest worthy pic) We've all read in blogland about boob lights, right?  Well… Continue reading From Ugly Lamp to Pretty Cloche