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DC Winter is a LIE

Unless you’re a reader from another country – like the UK, or exotic places like Texas* or California** – then you’ve likely heard alllll about the EPIC SNOWQUESTER that was slated to clobber DC yesterday.  (Our government cannot play nice right now and is currently Sequestering so as to solve budget cut disagreements, and the coinciding snow storm was apparently too much for the media to ignore calling the storm #Snowquester.)

This tweet pretty much sums up the storm, though Buzzfeed perfectly illustrates it for you here.

All of this to say that I COULD have written about some more fun DIY projects and such.  But instead I decided to enjoy the ‘snow’ day.

Did you get snow in your area?  Did your city basically just quit for the day too?

~ Beth

* – Fun fact, TEXAS was it’s own sovereign nation from 1836 to 1846 until joining the Party in the USA.  (Yes, I just talked about History and Miley Cyrus in the same sentence.  Shoot me.)
** – Fun fact too, CALIFORNIA was also it’s own ‘sovereign’ nation for a whopping 3 months.  Apparently the Bear Flag wasn’t a firm enough symbol or something.
Fun fact finale – Bill likes facts.  A LOT.  So these are for him to prove that I do listen at least half the time to his interjection of facts.  😉