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A Pillar of Inspiration from Target

Raise your hand if you’re a Target fan.  Yes, a room full of people who appear to want to high-five me.  Excellent.  Then you’ll know how this goes.

So, I found myself running in to my local Target for a ‘rare’ (so, only my 3rd stop that week) trip to peruse the latest decor and clearance end caps.  And I saw this.

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The pretty clean white candle holders….. and what’s that, a pillar candle stand?  What a neat little arrangement with 3 candles instead of a singular candle pillar!  (I’d link to one on the website, but for the life of me I can’t find it!)

Now, $14.99 isn’t really that bad a price for something like that.  But then I found these pieces at the ReStore.

Habitat for Humanity ReStore finds @ Habitat for Humanity ReStore finds @ Habitat for Humanity ReStore finds @

So the first two are of the same object – what basically looked like the neck of a pillar arrangement already.  It was a whopping fifty cents.  There was actually some hot glue stuck to the top so it was likely already part of something similar before.  As for the plate, it was a dollar and had clearly seen better days.  There were TONS of identical plates with the same scratch pattern.  They were donated by an old diner that went out of business.  No matter.

So I broke out the E6000 and got to work!

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The handy little detail I didn’t notice when I bought the plate was there were rings burned on the back making centering the stand on the back super easy.  Hurray for old burned in plates!

prepare for spray painting @

Now to get rid of the ugly scratches!  My plan was to spray paint the stand, but to get the edges evenly from all sides I couldn’t just set it down on any of the sides.  Fortunately I had this half drank bottle of now very flat soda waiting to be emptied and recycled.  Instant plate stand!

selecting spray paint @

To help recreate the ceramic feel of the original Target piece, I went with a bright white spray paint with a satin finish.  Glossy would have been too shiny since the original was an unglazed ceramic.

Also, quick pointer with Krylon.  The little plastic piece stuck in the nozzle?  IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE THERE.  It helps direct the spray.  DO NOT REMOVE IT.  You will get ugly paint splatter.  Just saying, DON’T DO THAT.  (There was too much swearing and quick wiping going on for me to get to document this ridiculous screw up.  But I promise you, as a spectator, it was hilarious.)

Just, READ the freaking directions.

ANYWAY, so I got my spray on.

Spray painting @ Spray painting @

There were a few light, even coats and lots of knee bending as I sprayed the sides and underneath the plate.  But eventually I got a nice clean white stand.  Cake stand?  Sure.  But this would be a CANDLE STAND.

knock off decor target candle stand @ knock off decor target candle stand @

The candles are a sweet set I have actually had stowed in the closet since early fall.  They were clearance scores from Z Gallerie and I am oh-em-gee in love with them!  Obviously the chevron is fantastic, but the coral contrast is such a cute pop, and the pattern in the wax of the tallest blue one resembles the wavy lines that the sun makes on the bottom of a pool.

knock off decor target candle stand @ knock off decor target candle stand @

The stand itself came out so crisp and not too shiny.  And the candles juuust fit on it, while the Target version was only built to accommodate 3 narrower candles.  I’m seriously in love with this piece.

knock off decor target candle stand @

So there ya have it, my Target knock-off.  After the two pieces from the ReStore (total cost $1.50) and the spray paint, the total cost was $4.50 for this project.  And now I have more crisp white spray paint for another project too!

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~ Beth

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