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Easy Houseplant Care

easy houseplant care @ BandBBuildALife.comI’ve shared before how I’m fond of keeping some happy green plants around.  They help cheer up a room, and the additional fresh oxygen they put off isn’t a bad side effect either. YHL Book Project # 163

But they don;t stay happy green plants without a little TLC once in a while.  Fortunately it’s super easy to keep them looking sprite.

easy houseplant care @

Pick up some houseplant fertilizer – I chose the miracle grow plant food spikes.  They’re about $2 at your local home improvement store.

The set-up is super easy.  Remove the plastic spike aerator from the package.  Follow the directions on the package to determine how many holes and at what distance from the root ball you should place the spikes.

easy houseplant care @ easy houseplant care @

Create a little space for the spikes by pressing the aerator into the soil and wiggle it around a little bit.

easy houseplant care @

Then replace the aerator with the fertilizer spike.

easy houseplant care @

Tuck it down into the pot so it is level with the soil.

easy houseplant care @

Once the spikes are in place, then add a few extra spritzes of water to be sure they’re set, and then continue to water and care for your plants as normal.

easy houseplant care @ easy houseplant care @

With this quick little step every few months, you’ll keep your plants healthy and happy.

~ Beth

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