When I originally bought the kit it came with these handy seed placement guides so you were easily able to space the seeds just right. Those guides are long gone, but it's simple enough to fillow the directions on the package of seeds you've purchased.
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Windowsil Herb Garden

Last year I picked up a cute little set of pots and seeds from Joss & Main that grew pretty well.  It came with Cilantro (my fav summer herb!), basil and thyme.  But of the three, we never had time for thyme, so it basically grew to a crazy mess and then died.  We did… Continue reading Windowsil Herb Garden

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Easy Houseplant Care

I've shared before how I'm fond of keeping some happy green plants around.  They help cheer up a room, and the additional fresh oxygen they put off isn't a bad side effect either. But they don;t stay happy green plants without a little TLC once in a while.  Fortunately it's super easy to keep them… Continue reading Easy Houseplant Care