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Expedit Style Inspiration

So we teased last week, and the day is finally here!  The day you get to gaze (virtually) upon the full monty of Lord Expedit. So here's how he looks from the doorway to the kitchen.  Tall, dark and handsome! Here's how he looks from the dining area.  And that's his friend on the other… Continue reading Expedit Style Inspiration

Ikea BYOF @ BandBBuildALife.com
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Ikea BYOF Adventures

For those of you who live near an Ikea, you may have taken advantage of their special Bring Your Own Friend event this past weekend.  It was basically your typical Ikea trip, but with bigger crowds, free blue bags and extra staff to answer your questions.  And it was awesome. We got stuck in a… Continue reading Ikea BYOF Adventures

Date Night Jar Gift Craft Christmas from BandBBuildALife.com
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The Gift of Dates

No, not the fruit!  When revealing Bill's favorite gifts, you got a sneak peak at one special gift I made for Bill - a Date night Jar. I came across a few of them on Pinterest and was particularly inspired by one I saw on Revamp Homegoods. My parents are big on canning - specifically… Continue reading The Gift of Dates

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A Little Woodworking JOY

While on one of her near-daily trips to Target, Beth sent me this: Oh boy.  Here goes. So this project seemed to require a thicker block of wood than anything I had laying around.  A fortuitous trip to the ReStore allowed me to pick up a ~4 foot long piece of hardwood of some sort. … Continue reading A Little Woodworking JOY

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Check it out, it’s got Cup Holders! – A Tight corner Nightstand Fix

The layout of our bedroom is a bit too narrow for a nightstand on either side.  We had a black shelf that Beth scored on clearance for $3 at Target that was already in place.  It was mounted on a black painted 2x1 that was screwed into studs on the wall (because, surprise, the hanger… Continue reading Check it out, it’s got Cup Holders! – A Tight corner Nightstand Fix