Hemnes in the Hizzouse!

So, yesterday we told you about some upgrades we made...And how, often when you make one change, it requires making another.  So we ran to Ikea for some grubb and to FINALLY pick up the Hemnes TV Stand! After about an hour of set-up, this is what we ended up with!The clean lines, the same black/brown… Continue reading Hemnes in the Hizzouse!

tv upgrade at

42 Inches of Awesome

THAT'S WHAT SHE SAID., but seriously, we made some upgrades in this little place of ours.  Here's what our living room has looked like for a while...We shared this photo with you with our Ampersand special post, and this was likely the neatest our TV side of the livingroom ever looked.  Usually it looks more… Continue reading 42 Inches of Awesome