Hemnes in the Hizzouse!

So, yesterday we told you about some upgrades we made…

tv upgrade at BandBbuildALife.comAnd how, often when you make one change, it requires making another.  So we ran to Ikea for some grubb and to FINALLY pick up the Hemnes TV Stand! 

After about an hour of set-up, this is what we ended up with!

tv upgrade at

The clean lines, the same black/brown tones that we have elsewhere in the room, plus the 3 openings for our various games and components.  She’s PERFECT!

tv upgrade at

The dvd player on the left DOES fit, but we need to get a fancy HDMI converter/bender so that it can fit flush in the cubby.  But otherwise, the tv stand is wayyy better than we ever dreamed.  The cords behind are no longer a jumbled mess, and the surface is clear of so much extra stuff. 

As for that handy globe we’ve added to the right side?  We spent a few days with Bill’s Mom, and there in his closet, collecting dust, it was just chilling.

tv upgrade at

I just looked up and saw it there, staring down at me, asking ‘take me home?’ and so we did.  I like how the gold toned frame of the globe matches with the tone of the cloche I made last holiday season.

So now we have a much more streamlined living room.

tv upgrade at

~ Beth


3 thoughts on “Hemnes in the Hizzouse!”

  1. I love having steamlined rooms! I am definitely feeling a sort of pain these days when nothing is matching and there are cords everywhere…May just have to follow your lead!

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