fall decorating with leaves acorns pumpkins at BandBBuildALife.com
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Hey girl. October 2013 in Review

….Sooo.  How’s everybody doing?  September was an exciting month!  We upgraded our TV!  And do you know what happens when you get a big beautiful TV?   ….YOU WATCH IT.  ALL THE TIME.  The time I would be blogging?  Crafting?  Taking photos of that crafting?  Spent watching Breaking Bad instead.

We started watching the Series on netflix after installing the TV and it was our MISSION to finish the current episodes in time for the finale…. we did not meet this goal (thank god, or I wouldn’t have been able to go to work!) but we did finish the series a few days late.  If you’ve never watched, FIX THAT.

But as I am not a chemist, my crafting has nothing to do with blue meth.  But these are the limited things we shared in the month of September…

chevron craigslist dresser restored and dressed up at BandBBuildALife.com tv upgrade at BandBbuildALife.com
Our 1 Year Blogiversary! Dresser Details 42 Inches of Awesome
tv upgrade at BandBbuildALife.com fall decorating with leaves acorns pumpkins at BandBBuildALife.com CountryViews
Hemnes in the Hizzous! Fall is Here!

…Yup, the productivity level of things around here is severely lacking.  Walt would have kicked us out… or worse.  But we promise to be better!

Stay tuned!

~ Beth