Beth in her 'big girl bed' with her favorite 'lellow toy' big bird.
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DIY Roots

I sort of grew up in a DIY world without really knowing it.  My first ‘big girl bed’ was a find my parents made and lovingly refinished in a beautiful wood stain.  The headboard apparently had been painted and my Dad stripped it to find delicate inlay work that he carefully preserved.

Beth in her 'big girl bed' with her favorite 'lellow toy' big bird.
Yup, that’s me my first night in my ‘big girl bed’!

My Dad would be the one to to the rough sanding and scraping and my mom would lovingly go over with a fine sandpaper and then usually was the one to paint or stain whatever piece they were working on – be it our kitchen table, coffee table, bookshelves, night stands –most of the furniture in my parents home was something they restored or built from scratch.  And many summers on rainy days were spent in the garage with them helping to make something new.

But it didn’t stop at furniture.  My parents also had a few rental properties that after every tenant left they would scrub top to bottom, slap fresh paint on the walls, clean the refrigerator and stove and make it as new as possible for the next family to move in.  (In fact, I think this ritual is why I am now OCD about dusty baseboards as that was my task as a kid, to go around and scrub them clean!)  With my Mom being the designated painter, I often was right there next to her with a brush or roller in hand.

I guess you could say it’s in my DNA to DIY. 🙂

How about you?  Any fond memories of DIY projects when you were a kid?

~ Beth