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Store Bought Candle Re-imaged

Yankee Candles.  They sure are potent aren’t they?  I don’t typically burn them for long because of this detail, and therefore take a while to burn through them.  I had one such candle sitting on my dresser and one night, tossed my phone up there and SMASH!  My heart stopped for a moment when I thought it was my iPhone.  Fortunately it was just the candle.

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womp womp wooommmppp.

I decided that, since it was a good quality candle, I would try and salvage the half of the candle I had left and find a replacement glass for it.

To be sure I found a piece that was the right size, and to avoid carting broken glass with me, I traced the bottom of the holder on a sheet of paper to use as a guide.

broken yankee candle @

Then it was off to Goodwill to find a replacement.  There were a few I found and I ultimately brought two home to try out.

trying out the glass at goodwill @   trying out the glass at goodwill @

Once I got back home, it was time to remove the wax from the broken glass.  Fortunately, because it’s a Yankee and they have a high amount of oils in the wax, it was easy to get the candle out of the glass.  (If this happens to you and it doesn’t slip out after a gentle nudge, try putting the candle in the freezer for a bit first.)

broken yankee candle fix @

First I tried it in the bell shaped glass.  It didn’t sit quite right and I was afraid it would burn down too fast and not use the wax efficiently enough.

broken yankee candle fix @

Then I tried it in the taller vase that was also a thicker glass – which was important as I thought it would withstand the heat from the flame better.

broken yankee candle fix @

Ultimately, I decided the taller glass would be safer given the heat, and would also encourage the wax to melt evenly and efficiently.

broken yankee candle fix @

By itself it does look a little odd because of how tall the glass is, but when put into an arrangement I’m sure it will look nice, and be safer as the flame isn’t as open either.  Plus when it does burn out I can use this again for a fun coffee bean filled look, or whatever else is trending at the time.
What kind of decor fixes have you had lately?

~ Beth

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