antique blue mason jar thrifting at

Vintage Mason Jar – SCORE

I mentioned it briefly in yesterday’s post.  While strolling the aisles of random cast-off items at my favorite Goodwill, I found these puppies, just sitting there on the shelf.

Decorating with Yellow at BandBBuildALife.comThey weren’t specially marked.  Just sitting in the midst of the glassware, minding their own business.

You better believe I swooped in, tore them from their shelf, raised them above my head and jumped up and down like a weirdo.  In public.  No big deal.

antique blue mason jar thrifting at

The two larger are the slightest hue of green, while the smaller is clearly showing that bluish teal tint that they’re so famous for in Blog land these days.  And all three of these.  For a whopping total of $5.  FIVE DOLLARS.  INSANE.

antique blue mason jar thrifting at

For now they’ve arrived at their home on the top shelf of our Billy bookcase next to our new TV and Hemnes.  I like how they add some character to an otherwise vanilla shelf of reversed paperbacks.  (A handy way to make a uniform looking space out of all those beach reads you will ‘eventually’ get to reading…)

antique blue mason jar thrifting at

So there you have it, a bonus post this week!  CRAZY.

Maybe I’ll make this a habit again.  Hmmm…

~ Beth