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So Fresh and So Clean ~ Inexpensive Art

We’ve not had an entry in our Inexpensive Art series in a bit, but I am just so smitten with this adorable printable I came across via Pinterest that I had to share!

From Pinterest Via Two Twenty One

Right now we only have our ‘B Loves B’ art on the wall in the bathroom.

B Loves B artwork @ BandBBuildALife.comI knew I wanted to add some more artwork, though I hadn’t found something I was super attached to just yet.  (Hopefully on our next trip to OBX I’ll bring home some artwork!)

But I DO love me some cute typography and when I came across Chelsea’s adorable printable at Two Twenty One I knew it was just the affordable artwork I needed to fill the space!
Bathroom Shelf Upgrade @ BandBBuildALife.comSo after printing it out on a standard ink-jet printer at home, I cropped the 8.5×11 sheet down to the 8×10 inches needed for the frame I wanted to use.  It was an as-is frame from ikea (way to go ikea on the price sticker placement!).  After a few minutes of swapping out the art it was ready to go!

Bathroom Shelf Upgrade @

We actually made some other updates in the bathroom that I’ll be sharing tomorrow, so stay tuned for the reveal!

~ Beth

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