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A ‘Shop From What You Have’ Wreath – White-washed for Summer!

I’m going to apologize as I do not have any in-process or tutorial type pictures of this one.  We needed a wreath, but I didn’t really have any spare change to get a form and fancy ribbons etc etc.  Then, inspiration struck late one evening when it seems my Aunt was sleepless as well.

Summer  Seashell & Denim Wreath @

So I took to my Aunt’s basement and found one of those stereotypical vine wreaths with orange ribbon and corn husks and a somewhat possessed looking scarecrow on it.  It was clearly dusty and I had never seen it used.

She gave me the go ahead, so I cleared it of the tacky fall decorations and was left with a naked vine wreath — not very summery at all.  So, I decided to water down some acrylic paint I had on hand, and ‘white-wash’ it so it had a more weathered, sun-bleached look.  But I still needed something to wrap around it – but I had scrap denim from an upholstery project, so I tore a long strip and went to work soaking and distressing it to try and achieve a similar sun-bleached look as I got with the white-washing.

It was still plain looking though – and that bunting look is so cute.  THERE – a scrap piece of cording in an off-white color.  Add a little scrapbooking card stock with ‘welcome’ spelled out, hot glue that on.  Needs something moooore…. Star fish!  Of course!  A few one-offs from a vase filler collection I have and viola!  A summery wreath made from things I already had.

Summer  Seashell & Denim Wreath @
Summer Seashell & Denim Wreath @

Have you shopped your own stash lately?

~ Beth

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