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Move [Still] In Progress

moving in @ BandBBuildALife.com

Thankfully our neighbors are good people (or just don’t care enough to say anything) as I have been using the hall as staging space while working through everything and nobody’s had any problems with it.  In a one bedroom apartment, getting everything in and not feeling crowded has proven a bit of a challenge, but only so far as it makes the process of moving in slower. 

What has really been holding things up is clothing storage.  Most normal people utilize a combination of a closet and a dresser to stow their threads.  Trouble was, until late last week I didn’t actually have a dresser here.  I picked up a vintage piece on craigslist for $15 and have spent the last few days rebuilding parts of it and prepping it to actually USE it.

Hopefully I’ll have that all done by mid-week, and mayyybe will even be ready to share it with you by the end of the week.  In between a job interview (wahoo!) and spending the day at the DMV so I can officially become a PA resident.

Stay tuned, folks!

~ Beth