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Good Housekeeping FEATURE?!?!

We get fun bumps here and there to the blog.  Usually it’s from Pinterest.  Or our one EPIC bump care of my favorite bloggers, John & Sherry of Young House Love, when we met them on their book tour and Bill drew them a castle.  But I just realized…. WE WERE FEATURED.  ON THE HOME  DECORATING PAGE.  OF GOODHOUSEKEEPINGOMG! featured on Good Housekeeping!

The article is a fun feature on unique places to hang art.  Like behind a toilet.  Wouldn’t have thought of that, but I love how Poppytalk did it!

Via Poppytalk


After the immediate HOLYCOW shock wore off, I hit the thumbnail version of the gallery to take a look at our little bookshelf art project featured there… featured on Good Housekeeping!

And then I realized I recognized that photo two thumbnails over from ours…. THAT’S YOUNG HOUSE LOVE! featured on Good Housekeeping!

Not only have we been included in an awesome gallery like this on Good Housekeeping, BUT WE’VE BEEN FEATURED WITH MY BLOGGING HEROS.  AHHHHH! *Fangirling*

There are a good number of great ideas on artwork displaying in the gallery, so stop on over and take a look here! (we’re slide 5)

~ Beth

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  1. So glad we could show off your idea, Beth! And very happy you like the post. 🙂 — Lauren @

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