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Skip the Fuzz with this Blanket Scarf Hack

You ever do something and feel like it’s a total eureka moment? That’s what happened to me one morning while getting ready for work.

Beat the Blanket Scarf fuzz with this easy trick!
Yes, this is a bathroom mirror selfie. #Winning
Blanket Scarves are delightful and can look so glamorous and put together.  BUT they’re so fuzzy that they itch my face and get lint in my makeup – especially my lipstick.  AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT.

So I glanced down at my predictably cluttered bathroom vanity and spied this:

Beat Blanket Scarf Fuzz with this easy trick!

Yes, that’s just a simple can of hairspray. Extra hold.  Extra brilliant!  See where i’m going?

First, do your half-fold of the Scarf like you’re about to drape it around your neck – but before you do, give it a light coat of your favorite hairspray.

Beat the Blanket Scarf fuzz with this easy trick!
Now, drape the Scarf around your shoulders as you prefer to wear it.  I like to add a broach for fun too.
Now, zap the Scarf again with a coat of hairspray, targeting the areas nearest to your face where the fuzz is the most annoying.   You’ll want to tilt your face away from the side of the Scarf you’re currently spraying for the best angle.

Beat the Blanket Scarf fuzz with this easy trick!
Make sure the Scarf is pulled away from your face and neck as it dries to prevent sticking.

And there you have it!  A fuzz-controlled blanket Scarf you’ll love to rock!

What sort of eureka moments have you had lately?