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Finding Our Voice

Bill and I have been discussing the start of a blog for a while now, and a contest has finally gotten our butts in gear.  And as I often do, I have found inspiration in the well-timed post made by Sherry today over at Young House Love.

Burger tells ya how to blog!
Via Young House Love

She [and her doggy pal Burger] made the above statement in response to a reader who asked how the Petersiks decide what to post in their blog as it can be a somewhat daunting task – the possibilities are endless! But, as a seasoned blogger, Sherry suggested to “Do. Your. Thang.”  So here goes!

Our desire to start a blog was born out of wanting to share some projects we’ve completed.  Our geographically challenged lifestyle means that we aren’t always in the same state at the same time, and our friends and families are even more spread apart than we are.  So we believe that this little corner of the internet will be the perfect spot to share those projects, as well as the challenges and joys of our lives.  There will be DIY projects and tutorials, as well as some fancy restorations and craftyness, but also the occasional story about an adventure we had too.

Buckle up, because we have a lot of road to cover!

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